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ISO Certificate

Systematic recording of data and developing internal systems to measure our efficiency and effectivness of parameter effecting the core competence of the company is a key element to being succcessful in the ever dynamic and competitive business environment.

Realizing this we initiated the process of develping systems both online and offline to manage the orders and data in a more controlled way. We develop KPI ( Key performance indicators) based on growth, customer satisfaction, on time order processing, HRD and other parameters vital to the overall growth of the company and core competence of the company.

By doing so we already had achieved the basic principals in implementing a ISO systems. We formalized the whole process by initiating ISO 9000 certficiation and successfully achieved the certification on the very first Audit.

At TCI we believe employees are vital to the company's development and training is essential to impart them with knowledge for them to function successfully in the global business environment. Keeping this  in view we have developed a intensive inhouse training program in various areas related to our core business competence along with external mills visits etc to strenghten the practical knowledge.

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